tDB Snowboard Stomp pad


This 6″ Snowboard Stomp pad protect assists riders when getting off of chair lifts. Mounted between the bindings, stomp pads are used to secure the rear foot when getting off of a chair lift at the top of the mountain. All pads come with high performance adhesive for secure mounting to the board by the recipient. Logo is protected under the clear material of the pad, which provides traction for keeping the rear foot in position.


You want to install your stomp pad as close to your back binding as you can – this will make it feel as close to your normal stance as you can make it. And it will also mean that you can lean your boot against the binding for extra stability.

Make sure that you position the stomp pad on the inside of the back binding.

Here’s how to find the best spot for your stomp pad.

  1. Place your snowboard on the ground and put your boots on
  2. Place your back foot on the snowboard on the inside of the back binding, close to the back binding so that you are still standing upright and so that the side of your boot is touching the side of the binding
  3. Mark the points on the board where the inside and outside of your boots touch the board
  4. When you place your stomp pad it should be inside these tape marks (or at least not outside the tape mark that’s next to the binding)

Installing the stomp pad

Now you have the position of your stomp pad it’s time to install it/them

  1. Thoroughly clean and dry the area of your board where you will be placing the stomp pad/s. If you try to attach them to a dusty, unclean or wet surface they may lose their stick quickly
  2. To ensure the best possible stick make sure that you are in a warm room or heat up the boards surface with a hair dryer
  3. Remove the backing to expose the adhesive and place on your stomp pad.
  4. Then remove the other side of adhesive and place the stomp pad in the position you marked earlier. Press down as hard as possible and hold the pad in place for a while.
  5. Let the adhesive dry for 24 hours.
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